CONSTITUTED ; Oct. 3, 1965 REVISED : June 8, 1977
INCORPORATED; June 30, 2003 REVISED; Sept. 17, 2003

Tusculum Baptist Church began as a mission of First Baptist Church Greeneville, TN. It is located at the intersection of Hwy 107 and Harlen St. in the Town of Tusculum, TN., across the highway from the oldest college in the state, Tusculum College. The first service was held in the old Samuel Doak house in Tusculum on July 19, 1959. William J Powell was the first pastor. (‘59-’64.)

Ten (10) members from First Baptist along with 14 other people attended the first service. Dink and Christine Spraberry were among those from First Baptist, as well as Hugh and Mildred Lawing, Fred and Margarite Stubblefield, Grace Henson, and Mrs A. L. Duckworth. Marvin and Anice Ogle attended the evening service on that first day.

In 1958, First Baptist purchased a lot where the present building is located for the sum of $6,000. By 1961, the Chapel (as the mission was called) had $6,000 in a building fund. That year, the Chapel borrowed $40,000 from two local banks to construct a building on their lot. On Dec. 17, 1961, the first service was held in the new building. Membership was 81.

In 1963, an additional $10,000 was borrowed to complete the inside of the building. By 1964, enrollment was 153 members, and average Sunday School attendance was 97. On Oct. 3, 1965 a Constitutional Service was led by our second pastor, Rev. Don Peek. (‘65-’70 )

From 1965 until 1999, under the leadership of six (6) different pastors, average Sunday School attendance fluctuated between 90 and 140. Pastors during this time were:
(3) Walter R Brookshire ‘71-’72 (4) Edward Black ‘74-‘76 (5) Grant Bishop ‘76-’80 
(6) James C Williams ‘81-84 (7) Dan Greer ‘85-’88 (8) R. David Carr ‘89-’98

In 1982, a nursery, four Sunday School rooms, and a Bell Tower were added to the front of the building. /> 
Dr Keith Mowery, our ninth pastor, was called in 1999. The Lord blessed during his eight (8) years as pastor. In 2004, a Christian Fellowship Center was added to the back of the building at a cost of $600,000. By Feb. ‘08, the balance on the funds borrowed for the addition was $75,000.

During Dr Mowery’s pastorate, a College Bible study class was added on Thursday nights with 40 to 50 students attending. Debra Jones assisted in this ministry. The Church and College have cooperated for mutual benefit over the years. Professors from the college have filled key roles in positions of church leadership.

Also in 2004, the Lord answered our prayers of many years and we were able to purchase two (2) additional lots at the back of our property for $54,000. Twelve (12) people from the congregation came forward with funds to pay for the property.

By year 2006, average attendance in morning worship was 85% of sanctuary capacity, so a second morning worship service was added. Average morning worship attendance is 170 in both services. Average Sunday School attendance is around 100.

In March 2015, a contemporary worship service was added. Also in 2015, our nursery was relocated upstairs for added security. The rooms in front of the building next to the bell tower were converted to offices for church staff.

Now Tusculum Baptist Church is positioned to reach the next level, and with Gods help we will achieve to His glory.